Concert en Appart - Private Concert Gift Cards


These gift cards allow invitation of a group for a private concert at a private premise such as house or apartment. More than 70 groups are referenced in Concert en appart, between Paris and Lyon. Gift card exists in Bronze, Silver and Gold. The details are in the details part below.



Designed by Concert en appart (concert in an apartment, the reference platform that connects individuals and emerging musicians to organize home concerts throughout France), gift cards allow people to invite a group for a private concert at a private location such as an apartment or house.

More than 70 groups are referenced, between Paris and Lyon.
Most of them are songwriters interpreters, promising to take you into their world of music. Do not ask them with cover songs: you will miss the essence of these concerts with authentic artists!
The catalog of the participating musicians can be viewed here:

Concert en appart Coffrets Cadeau *

No need for special equipment: the group comes with all what is necessary.


The principle is very simple:

  • The gift receiver selects a group that is associated with the card (gold, silver, bronze) and the city (Paris or Lyon), the musicians that pleases him / her. Artists' catalog is available here:  Concert en appart Coffrets Cadeau *
  • The receiver sets a date with the selected musician(s) for the concert.
  • The group provides all the necessary logistics of the concert: there is nothing to be done ... just drinks and comfortable chairs!

Find out about the concerts in apartment via these videos!

Charly and his funny Dame :  Video on YouTube

Mimuniz:   Videos on Vimeo

(possibility of integrating videos directly?)


3 gift cards exist. Prices include tax.
The groups are carefully selected not only for the quality of the group but also its size and reputation that will typically explain its classification.
Artists' catalog is available here: Concert en appart Coffrets Cadeau*

BRONZE: groups of one to two musicians with little equipment. For a concert in apartments, for an intimate concert.
SILVER: slightly larger groups and more equipments. For a cozy home concert that carries emotion.
GOLD: the most prestigious, it provides access to the most famous bands and often larger in size. For a private and powerful concert.

Price: 200 // 400 // 600 euros


Gift card is valid for one year.


The cards can be used only in Paris and Lyon (city and nearby suburbs).

The concerts will be conducted in a private setting: no commercial use allowed.

Apartment concerts are, as their name suggests, planned for apartments (or houses, garden): groups will not be ability to add sound system for greater and larger places or for an audience of more than thirty people.

* Catalog may evolve over time

About Concert en Appart :

Concert in the apartment is born from the reunion of two old friends from primary school, 15 years after the last time they saw each other.
One became a musician, the other is passionate about new technologies.
One tries to live his music, other reinvents the business models thanks to digital.
One seeks to find its audience more intimately, other is convinced that the internet allows improbable and incredible encounters.

Then, the Other ended up taking his keyboard with both hands and develop a site for the One to easily find guests who wants to invite him to play live in their living room!
And as the One is not alone, he was soon joined by other groups that want to be part of the adventure, and disseminate this great concept of home concerts.

Ships from France. Delivery in France metropolitan within 48h. International delivery available for Europe (European Union and non European Union countries including Turkey) and United States. International delivery estimated about 5-10 days according to the destination.

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Concert en Appart - Private Concert Gift Cards

Concert en Appart - Private Concert Gift Cards

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