Kubb Graphite


Kubb Graphite offers classicism with its black color and modernism through the gray shades and silvery touches!

The Kubb is our darling computer! A gift that combines design, advanced technology, Made in France, and personalization... French innovative digital tool, a clever beauty! Kubb is a combination of technology, high performance, power and a decorative object at the same time.

This is a cube-shaped computer of edge 4.7inches (3.3 pounds) with a variety of designs through the choice of outer shells. They are interchangeable to match the decoration as desired! Kubb is also a computer Made in France to favor ethical production and local know how of French design! An exceptional gift that offers multiple combinations and facets.

Silent (sound level <18dBA), low power consumption, does not heat up, it takes care of your technological tasks with an ultra speed.

Configuration : i3 (Intel Core) 8Gb SSD 128Gb or 128Gb+500Gb (to choose from the list) Windows 8.1. Ports : 1 x Port RJ45, 2 x USB 2.0 & 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x mini-HDMI (cable comes with it), 1 x mini-DisplayPort. Wifi, Bluetooth. Compatible with all peripherals such as screens, keyboards and mouse. Delivery: UPS within 15 days. 3 years warranty.


BLEUJOUR company has five founding pillars: Quality, Aesthetics, Innovation, Practicality a Exclusivity. Headquartered in Toulouse, the company emphasizes the design and local manufacturing to help shine the French creative design. By placing the individual at the heart of its strategy and wishing to offer an alternative in the high-tech world, BLEUJOUR is betting on the unorthodox combination of traditional craftsmanship and high technology modernity and thus forming one beauty from this duality.

BLEUJOUR demonstrates that the perfect cocktail of digital culture, French expertise of lifestyle and traditional know-how can provide access to innovative technology solutions.

Ships from France. Delivery in France metropolitan within 48h. International delivery available for Europe (European Union and non European Union countries including Turkey) and United States. International delivery estimated about 5-10 days according to the destination.

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Kubb Graphite

Kubb Graphite

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