LOUISE Bracelet


A gift with perfect elegance ... The Louise bracelet is a delicate and sobre jewel. A gift that appeals to stylish women.

This bracelet is embroidered on "Illusion ecru" tulle from Maison Sophie Hallette, international benchmark of the art of lace and French tulle.

It is then created by a work of silver beads, pearls and crystal rhinestones discovered in an antique market.

We love the history of this gift, a nice creative work for a timeless piece. An adorable gift for all women! Bracelet 6.2 x 0.4 inches.

A gift made by hand France.


Passionate about art, Gaëla Rault studies design and obtains her high school degree with a specialization in drawing. She then logically leans towards an artistic high-level education in renowned schools. She obtains a degree in textile creation with embroidery option of Duperré school, then earns an arts degree in the option of tapestry from the famous Boulle School!

Prestigious collaborations come one after the other such as Jean-Paul Gauthier, then she becomes a designer specialized in luxury embroidery for the haute couture. Gradually, the desire to create her own jewelry led her to launch her brand of jewelery, Salomée. She creates poetic and fluid jewelry with a romantic spirit and rare craftsmanship.

Ships from France. Delivery in France metropolitan within 48h. International delivery available for Europe (European Union and non European Union countries including Turkey) and North America (United States, Canada). International delivery estimated about 5-10 days according to the destination.

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LOUISE Bracelet

LOUISE Bracelet

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