Black purse recycled from inner tube (upcycling).

A little gift with big statement for its eco-friendly conception from recycled materials and smybol of the latest upcycling trend.

It is ideal to carry coins and small things discreetly with its flat design. A modern look with a triangle cut and a final touch of interior lining giving it a very original and modern touch.

Lining in black or printed fabrics. Size: 12cm.
Snap Closure. Design by Mops for Cocotte Power.


Cocotte Power girls that make art from their lives.
Revealing talents, engaging in partnerships, organizing unique events, creating objects… these are our missions.

At the boundary between art and design, COCOTTE POWER girls conveys the image of a CREATIVE DESIGN ART and INNOVATIVE, highlighting their expertise and know how on a background of CONTEMPORARY ART.

Founded in 2011 with Ariane Berger, Stephanie Doligez aka Mops today orchestrates this design community with May Pham Van Suu and Clotilde Fraile. They are among the seven ambassador artists of Cocotte mind-set.
The team is supported by a press agent, a coach, a lawyer and many partners.

Ships from France. Delivery in France metropolitan within 48h. International delivery available for Europe (European Union and non European Union countries including Turkey) and United States. International delivery estimated about 5-10 days according to the destination.

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