Our interview with Zanies

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Meet with Zanies, designers of accessories for childen and their rooms...

Tell us your story in a nutshell!

Creators animal lovers, and inspired by the Japanese graphics and design, we developed the brand and the concept Zanies, consisting of a set of animals with soft, rounded shapes and bright colors, brought to life in decoration products, children’s jewelery and gift items.

They come in all sorts of different animals and thus fans can collect them.

The materials of each product are described in the catalog, but we point out that we only use products with the standards in France, and not allergenic (like 100% cotton fabric and metal nickel free). Our goal is
keep up the activity in France, or near, since the quality meets our requirements and those of our customers.

What emotions do you transmit your creations?

The Zanies evoke a world of gaiety, carelessness, simplicity and freshness that children of all ages will adore.

Our ambition is that the vast Zanies family can succeed in making you smile at least once in the day ... necessarily!

We also seek to maintain a certain authenticity in achieving our creations: choice of materials (wood, cloth, metal) homemade or in small series (in France or European Union).

In what ways did Histoire de Cadeau concept pleased you?

Histoire de Cadeau offers an innovative approach to the variety of products presented and attention to detail, right down to the presentation of gifts.

Which converges with our motivation and objective. Imagine the reaction of the person who will receive that little (or big gift) prepared with care to the end of the tape, motivates us to continue and go further with

Gift ideas at Histoire de Cadeau : Zanies children's jewels, Round Cushions, Round Paintings, Photo Holder, Stickers....






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