Our interview with Sweet Little Dots

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Meet Silvia from Sweet Little Dots, designer of silk scarves based on watercolors...

Tell your story in a nutshell !

I, Silvia Betancourt am a Colombian Architect and designer, with more that 16 years experience in the field of interior design and visual merchandising (private and retail). My truly sensitive and artistic approach to architecture stems from my passion for painting, with a clear conviction that a well-designed atmosphere will influence human emotions.

My sense-focused marketing “vision”, her artistic process as well as my basic knowledge of Feng Shui philosophy help me define and meet the needs of each customer by designing personalized and harmonized shapes and rooms.

My love for art and architecture, that had led her to further explore her talents, brings together two perspectives – space product and emotions – in a single proposal.

What kind of emotions you want to transmit with your designs?

With „Silvia Betancourt Designs“ our commitment is to fulfil our client´s expectations. Since our clients are interested in art and value the beauty of Nature, we offer a wide choice of harmonic elegant graphic possibilities inspired by natural scenery and atmospheres.

Creative stimulators for our work include natural themes such as: Year´s seasons and their effects in our moods, the unmatched beauty of insects and flowers or the flowing, sinuous soft lines of the underwater world. Each of those themes is interpreted in an artistic experience, through a specific and elaborated choice of colours, lines and textures to define a unique design characteristic of our inspirations.

In what ways did Histoire de Cadeau please you?

The possibility to expand our work to the French market is really exiting, as well as being part of the project where just new originals and exclusive gift ideas are offered Histoire de Cadeau is an modern chick platform, that fits completely the spirit of SweetLittleDots by Silvia Betancourt and her philosophy of Quality Art and Exclusivity…

Gift ideas at Histoire de Cadeau : Silk scarves... Agosto, Gabo, Konfetti, Colibri...



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