Our interview with Salomée

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Meet with Gaëla, designer of romantic and vintage jewelry...

Tell us your story in a nutshell!

I was born and I grew up in Paris. I never considered anything other than being in the design or drawing ... My parents figured this out very quickly and they encouraged me early on by allowing me to attend drawing classes. I

I obtained an art degree in textile creation with a specialization in embroidery from School of Duperre and another art degree with a specialization of tapestry. I made the embroidery restoration for a Jean Paul Gaultier fahsion show.

I was also textile designer and I also have led a tapestry team for the renovation of the Presidency rooms of the Republic of Cameroon ... And now I am also working as a designer for a luxury embroidery, ready-to-wear and haute-couture embroidery at a bug brand in Place de Paris.

What emotions do you transmit your creations?

I have such a passion for embroidery that I wanted to create my own pieces. So I made my home workshop filled with materials, machinery, holders, books, photos, drawings ... and I started my own business!

The handmade works reflect the character, the personality of the individual who creates the design with the ability to transcribe his world through his work. I learned patience, a vital asset to my work, I did not necessarily possess before ...

With my jewelry I try to convey the maximum of emotions with a pinch of romance, a vintage look of 20/30 years period where there was still pride for a know-how. Each of my jewelry is unique even when I realize the multiple copies because they are born under my fingers and I pay great attention to the materials I use.

In what ways did Histoire de Cadeau (Gift Story) please you?

I was seduced by already the brand name that attracts attention and makes you want to know more ... The gifts often compass complex history, hence such a pleasure gift giving and receiving!

So I came across to this universe which pays great attention to its selections and I did not hesitate a second! It's always nice to get together with other selected designers to tailor one goal: Make unique and pretty gifts!

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