Our interview with Laloo

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Meet Elodie and Joffrey from Laloo, designers of smart and chic organiser cases....

Tell us your story in a nutshell!

Joffrey and myself, we, travel a lot and every time we were facing with the storage problem and transportation of all our accessories tablet charger, sunglasses, jewelry, makeup, ... And every time the consequences were the same: broken chargers, tangled jewelery, scratched glasses, lost keys ... and a big mess! There are solutions such as pouches, but they are either too small or too big, too hard or too soft, or adapted to only one type of accessories. So we decided to create “the” case that will allow us to carry around all our accessories so that they are not lost in the bottom of the bags or luggages or misplaced or damaged! With Laloo, we wanted to create customizable organizer dedicated for each type of use. About the size of an iPad, it's sort of the bento accessory! Laloo meets all your needs!

What kind of emotions do you want to trasmit with your creations?

Simply the pleasure and the joy! The color range conveys the joy that we experienced while designing Laloo. There is also the pleasure to carry everywhere everything we love, all that is essential for us, from the shelf, the glasses, the phone up photos, key ring fetish and other lucky charms. Anecdotally, in Joffrey’s Laloo, there is even a chocolate bar, but shhh it's a secret!

In what ways did Histoire de Cadeau (History of Gift) pleased you?

We like the diversity of gifts that are available because it effects each of us, whether you are geek, chic or greedy, or all three for that matter! And these are beautiful brands with passionate designers who offer truly original and quality products.
Histoire de Cadeau simplifies life and transforms the purchase of gift a real fun time, what more would you need?


Gift ideas at Histoire de Cadeau : Laloo Organiser Bag, Jewelry Clips, Bag and Clips....





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