Our interview with Adduna Beauty

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Meet Codou from Adduna beauty, natural soap maker from precious ingredients...

Tell us your story in a nutshell!

My story starts with my fragile and sensitive skin; my more recent history is the awareness of the poor quality of products I was using every day. So I reviewed my skin regimen and I discovered the virtues of many plants and essential oils. The soap is a natural choice in my ritual because it is the first contact with the skin, a simple but multifunctional product, whether we complement with other products or not.

I made my first soap in 2012 in a competition which was a combination of circumstances; luckily I had the trainer for myself in this competition:) It was a revelation!
"Adduna" is a word in Wolof (spoken primarily in Senegal, in West Africa). It means the world, nature, environment, life. It reflects my awareness and connection with nature and its benefits.
Adduna Beauty offers quality soaps made with cold pressure to preserve the beautiful properties of raw materials used.
In my image, Adduna Beauty is also a assumed cosmopolitan trait: the prominence of valuable raw materials from around the world and the African continent in particular.


Which emotions do you want to transmit with your creations ?

Our skin can reflect many things and demands softness and attention.
With beauty Adduna know, I wish to raise awareness abut the importance of one gesture and one product in our daily lives.
More than just a soap, this product is firts used for hygiene, but also the well-being, pleasure and self-esteem. It is a concentration of valuable raw materials. With Adduna Beauty soap, it's about taking care of ourselves, of our capital.
Basic and essential.


In which ways did the concept of Histoire de Cadeau (Story of Gift) please you?

What I liked is the story of Celine and Didem, their meeting and highlighting shared values with artisans and creative community.
Histoire de Cadeau is a realization of their values, a tangible place where we can see their approach. The gift is a means to deliver messages of attention, from the heart along with everything positive, it creates a bridge of emotions in human relations for the person offering and for the person receiving.







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