Our interview with Acadine

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Meet Benjamin and Anthony, artisanal chocolate makers from France...

Tell us your story in a nutshell!

The desire of two chocolate lovers to share their passion led them to create Acadine Chocolat in April 2014. The creators wanted to work with quality products and to enjoy gourmet chocolates that have original tastes. Chocolates are prepared in their workshop in Lyon in an artisanal way, far from large industrial series.

Acadine claims a certain originality in combining flavors, chocolate is a product whose taste goes perfectly well with nuts, seeds, fruits with spices, confectionery ...

Acadine name is inspired by the will to offer authentic chocolates with a high respect for good quality product. In Greek mythology, this Sicilian fountain is famous for its magical powers. Stone tablets that have engraved oaths are thrown to the fountain: if they sink, this means that oaths are not sincere, if they float they are.


What emotions do you transmit with your creations?

Through our chocolate creations, we would generate among gourmets a gustatory emotion so to speak, sometimes caused by a combination of new flavors, original and surprising, or simply by tasting chocolate. We also strive to make products visually pleasing, where chocolate ingredients are apparent and identifiable.


In what ways did the Histoire de Cadeau (Story of Gift) pleased you?

What we immediately have liked about Histoire de Cadeau is the fact that this site is completely dedicated to gift. Anyone who takes a tour on this site will find gift idea that are designed to be offered as quality gifts and they will know this beforehand. This is the success of gift giving.



Gift ideas at Histoire de Cadeau : Assortiment Découverte (Mixed gift box for beginners) , Assortiment Gourmand (Mixed gift box for chocolate lovers)





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