Notre Rencontre avec Fabio Tacci

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Meet Gauthier from Fabio Tacci, designers of sublime steel watches...

Please tell us your story in a few words.

Fabio Tacci was born in the head of Thierry and his wife Fabienne years ago. They were working at the time in a watch shop in Grey, France, and were designing watches for major brand. Their biggest success: They have designed the Kickers watches collection. They dreamed of creating their own brand: Fabio-Tacci (Fabienne-Thierry).

Fabienne and Thierry are Geoffrey's parents.

Geoffrey and I met during our studies in Paris. Geoffrey studied industrial design (Strat College) and myself mechatronics (Engineers 2000).

After several years of traveling for Geoffrey and me, Thierry had the idea to create a collection of colorful steel watches, the technology is not developed, no other brand was proposing it, we associated this challenge:

Created in France, high quality sublimated steel watches.

Geoffrey drew the models and Thierry took care of assembling. The watches are designed, produced in France and shipped from France.



What emotions you want to transmit with your designs and products ?

Fantasy and the originality of our watches bring unique touch to an outfit. Their creativity inspired by nature allows coloring a wrist with refinement.

Wearing our watches means little sun on the wrist! All positive energy ...

To be classy with color, fantasy can also be achieved with colorful and stainless steel.

In what ways did Histoire de Cadeau concept please you ?

The approach to gift of Histoire de Cadeau is unique, search for an object by its function, its colors, its materials, its themes and not by its brand value returns to the object relative to its marketing.

Finally, the gift selection of Histoire de Cadeau is a guarantee of product quality.

Gift ideas at Histoire de Cadeau : a beautiful selection of Fabio Tacci watches...







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